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Hello there!

Why else would you be needing the services of BBW escorts, if not to get quality attention? If the attention you get does not match top quality, then why bother? I know I speak your mind loud and clear right now because you are a first class gentleman. One oozing with sophistication and finesse. That is the kind of man I need to grace my presence with; my time and body are all at your disposal, please enjoy it while it lasts.

My name is Valencia. The world of BBW escorts wouldn’t be complete without the likes of me to add all the colour and dignity that is sought after in an ideal escort. I am ready to play the role of your girlfriend. Softly showing you the path to unbeatable satisfaction, I’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to wowing you with my array of skills. I like to engage in healthy conversation about life’s realities and my love for movies too. I like the romantic movies as they serve as a source of sensual inspiration for me in my leisure.

I will need something from you though. Show me the way to key into your desires and I will follow you tooth and nail. I am highly professional and discreet; I’d appreciate it if my body is respected.Feel free to reach out to me wherever you may be, be it in or outside Las Vegas. Kindly help yourself to my contact details below. Till we meet…Cheers.

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